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Case Information: 11-CF-0764
Short Caption:MAURICE D. HOWARD V. UNITED STATESClassification:Appeals - Criminal Felony - Robbery Related
Lead: 11-CF-0553 Consolidated:11-CF-0764
Superior Court or Agency Case Number:CF3-16974-10Filed Date:06/23/2011

Opening Event Date:06/23/2011Case Status:Decided/Dismissed
Record Completed:08/31/2011Post-Decision Matter Pending:
Briefs Completed:08/06/2012
Disposition:Next Scheduled Action:
Mandate Issued:04/15/2013

Party Information
Appellate RoleParty NameIFPAttorney(s)Arguing AttorneyE-Filer
AppelleeUnited StatesN
Elizabeth TrosmanNY

Event DateStatusDescriptionResult
08/02/2011FiledStatement Regarding Transcript(s) (HOWARD)
08/05/2011FiledAppointing Counsel/CJA (David Reiter, Esquire) (Appellant)
08/05/2011FiledOrder Sua Sponte Consolidating Appeals nos. 11-CF-553 and 11-CF-764. F/O Appointing David Reiter, Esquire in appeal no. 11-CF-764.
08/24/2011FiledSupplemental Record specify - #1 (364 pgs/Davis) 1/3-4/11 proc
08/24/2011FiledSupplemental Record specify - #2 (10 pgs/Davis) 1/5-6/11 proc.
08/24/2011FiledSupplemental Record specify - #3 (214 pgs/Henderson) 1/10/11 proc.
08/24/2011FiledSupplemental Record specify - #4 (112 pgs/Henderson) 1/11/11 proc.
08/24/2011FiledSupplemental Record specify - #5 (10 pgs/Davis) 1/12/11 proc. w/cd
08/26/2011FiledRecord Copies (11-CF-553)
08/26/2011FiledRecord Index (11-CF-553)
08/31/2011FiledSupplemental Record specify - #6 (17 pgs/tape) 1/26/11 proc.
08/31/2011FiledSupplemental Record specify - #7 (30 pgs/tape) 3/31/11 proc w/cd
08/31/2011FiledRecord Completed
09/01/2011FiledRecord Copies (11-CF-764)
09/01/2011FiledRecord Index (11-CF-764)
09/02/2011FiledBriefing Order
10/03/2011FiledMotion For Extension Of Time to File Brief and Appendix until May 10, 2012 (Howard) Appendix, Brief (Appellant)
10/07/2011FiledMotion For Extension Of Time to File Brief to May 12, 2012 (no oppo). Appendix, Brief (Appellant)
10/14/2011FiledGRANT - Order Granting appellants Willis and Howard's motions for extension to file briefs and limited appendices to 5/12/12.
05/01/2012FiledMotion For Extension Of Time to File Appendix, Brief (Willis) (Appellant)
05/04/2012FiledGRANT - Order Granting Motion For Extension Of Time to File Appendix, Brief (Willis) (Appellant) and (Howard) Appellant to 5/31/12
05/30/2012FiledBrief (Appellant) (Howard)
05/30/2012FiledAppendix (Appellant)
05/31/2012FiledMotion To Supplement The Record (Appellant)
05/31/2012FiledBrief (Appellant)
05/31/2012FiledAppendix (Appellant)
06/07/2012FiledOrder Granting Motion To Supplement The Record (Appellant) to the extent that documents attached as Appendix A & B to aplt's brief are considered part of the record on appeal.
06/21/2012FiledAnswer/Response to appellant's motion to supplement the record (Appellee)
06/25/2012FiledMotion For Extension Of Time to File Brief (Appellee)Granted
07/20/2012FiledGRANT - Order Granting Motion For Extension Of Time to File Brief (Appellee) TO 8/6/12
08/01/2012FiledSupplemental Record specify - #8 (exhibit CD of vedeiotaped statement give to police by defendent)
08/06/2012FiledAppendix (Appellee)
08/06/2012FiledBrief (Appellee)
08/06/2012FiledBriefing Completed
08/15/2012FiledACTION - Ready for Calendaring - Regular
08/15/2012FiledLetter To Counsel/Party Re Future Calendaring
08/27/2012FiledReply Brief (Appellant, Howard)
12/03/2012FiledACTION - Calendar notice sent
01/02/2013FiledMemorandum - Attorney Rickard will argue in place of Attorney Jaquette. (Appellee)
01/09/2013FiledMotion For Leave to File Reply Brief (Appellant)Granted
01/15/2013FiledOrder Granting aplt's motion to file reply brief.
01/15/2013FiledReply Brief (Appellant)
01/30/2013FiledArgued before Judges Glickman, Oberly, Farrell, Deborah A. Persico, Esq. for appellant Frank P. Willis David H. Reiter, Esq. for appellant Maurice D. Howard Stephen Rickard, Esq. for appellee
03/22/2013FiledVacated In Part/Affirmed In Part (MOJ) (Glickman and Oberly, Associate Judges, and Farrell, Senior Judge.)
04/02/2013FiledQualls Letter Filed (Howard) (Appellant)
04/15/2013FiledQualls Letter Filed (Appellant)