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No database exists that offers complete coverage of all cases. Some court records, for example, can only be found by searching at the courthouse in person. Additionally, court records accessibility in some jurisdictions is very limited. If you can't find a record on this site, that doesn't mean a record for a particular search doesn't exist.

If a record is returned for a particular search, that doesn't necessarily mean the record pertains to the intended subject of the search. For example, if you are searching for records involving felony theft, a search for "felony theft" may return a record with the word "theft" -- but only pertain to a misdemeanor theft -- and the word felony -- but which only pertains to another charge. Or, if you are looking for a person named Sarah Johnson, a search for "Sarah Johnson" may return a record for another person also named Sarah Johnson (or even a company named Sarah Johnson, LLC).

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