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Case Information: 11-CV-0202
Short Caption:BENNIE GARCIA ALCANTARA V. NORFOLK COOPERATIVE, INC.Classification:Appeals - Civil - Landlord And Tenant
Superior Court or Agency Case Number:LTB20482-10Filed Date:02/16/2011

Opening Event Date:02/16/2011Case Status:Decided/Dismissed
Record Completed:06/06/2011Post-Decision Matter Pending:
Briefs Completed:
Disposition:Next Scheduled Action:
Mandate Issued:09/02/2011
Costs Waived

Party Information
Appellate RoleParty NameIFPAttorney(s)Arguing AttorneyE-Filer
AppellantBennie Garcia Alcantara Y
Ernest Eric Elmore NN
AppelleeNorfolk Cooperative IncorporatedN
Tiffany M. RelefordNY

Event DateStatusDescriptionResult
02/25/2011APPELLANT'S MOTION FOR STAY Emergency Writ of Restitution Pending Motion to Vacate Summary Judgment & Quash Writ of Restitution Before the Superior Court. ********ADMINSTRATIVE STAY ENTERED 3/2/11 LW
02/28/2011TMC - EMERGENCY motion for stay - OPPO - motion to appear pro hac
03/01/2011MOTION TO APPEAR PRO HAC VICE w/receipt attached (submitted by Attorney Ernest Elmore - on behalf of appellant)dwm
03/01/2011APPELLEE'S OPPOSITION- to aplt's emergency motion for a stay of writ of restitution pending motion to vacate summary judgment and quash writ of restitution before the superior court
03/02/2011 ORDERED that this court, SS, GRANTS AN ADMINISTRATIVE STAY pending further order of this court. (KROBTE) (cb)
03/04/2011On further consdieration of this court's March 2, 2011 order granting an administrative stay, the motion of counsel to appeal pro hac vic, appellant's motion for stay and the opposition thereto, it isO that the motions is granted and E.Elmore is entered as counsel for appellant. FO adminstrative stay is vacated. FO that the stay is denied. (RDKRTE) MORE denied.(RDKRTE) MORE
03/07/2011STATEMENT REGARDING TRANSCRIPT(S) (Appellee) (RT-NEEDED/RT-ORDERED for 8/20/10, 9/3/10, 9/17/10, 9/17/10, 9/17/10, 10/27/10, 12/7/10, 12/9/10. 12/13/10, & 2/14/11) (elp)
03/07/2011RECEIVED- motion for appeal transcript (Appellant) (RT-NEEDED/RT-ORDERED for 8/20/10, 9/3/10, 9/17/10, 9/17/10, 10/27/10, 12/7/10, 12/9/10 & 12/13/10) (elp) filed by appellant's atty Ernest Eric Elmore
06/01/2011SUPPLEMENTAL RECORD#1 (30-pgs/tape 9/17/10 proc.)
06/01/2011SUPPLEMENTAL RECORD#2 (17-pgs/tape 12/13/10 proc.)
06/01/2011SUPPLEMENTAL RECORD#3 (16-pgs/tape 2/14/11 proc.)w/cd
06/06/2011RECORD INDEX
06/13/2011 It appearing that appellant's request for transcripts of the proceedings held on August 20, 2010, September 3, 2010, October 27, 2010, and December 7-8, 2010, was denied by the trial judge and it further appearing that the record on appeal is otherwise complete, it is ORDERED that appellant's brief and the limited appendix including the documents required by D.C. App. R. 30 9f), shall be filed within 40 days from the date of this order, and appellee's brief shall be filed within 30 days thereafter. See D.C. App. R. 31. (JAC) elp
07/12/2011FiledMotion For Summary Affirmance (Appellee)Denied as Moot
07/25/2011FiledMotion To Dismiss Appeal (Appellant)Granted
08/08/2011FiledOrder Granting MOTION TO DISMISS