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Texas 13th Court Of Appeals Record

Case: 13-96-00552-CV
Miscellaneous civil
Norwest Mortgage, Inc.
Jose B. Salinas and Victoria B. Salinas
West Publishing
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12/08/2000Document Received
12/08/2000Exhibits Checked Out
11/29/2000Mandate Issued
11/03/2000Record returned to Court.
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07/01/1999Opinion issuedAffirmed
06/22/1998Letter sent
02/19/1998Miscellaneous Motion DisposedMotion or Writ Denied
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06/30/1997Reply Brief Filed
06/26/1997Miscellaneous Motion DisposedDismissed
06/19/1997Mo ext. of time to file REPLY BRIEF DisposedMotion or Writ Granted
06/05/1997Mo -ext of time to file REPLY BRIEF
05/15/1997Brief Filed
05/15/1997Oral argument requested
05/15/1997Mot. for Ext. File Brief Disp.Motion or Writ Granted
04/29/1997Mot. for Ext. to File Brief
04/10/1997Miscellaneous Motion
04/10/1997Mot. for Ext. File Brief Disp.Motion or Writ Granted
03/26/1997Appearance of Counsel
03/26/1997Mot. for Ext. to File Brief
03/06/1997Case ready to be set
03/06/1997Oral argument requested
03/06/1997Brief Filed
02/06/1997Mot. for Ext. File Brief Disp.Motion or Writ Granted
01/23/1997Mot. for Ext. to File Brief
01/23/1997Motion for leave to file Supp. Trans. DISPOSEDMotion or Writ Granted
12/31/1996Supplemental transcript filed
12/31/1996Filing Fee Paid
12/31/1996Motion for leave to file supplemental transcript
12/31/1996Supplemental transcript recieved
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12/02/1996Mot. for Ext. to File Brief
11/22/1996Statement Filed
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Norwest Mortgage, Inc.AppellantHon. Audrey Mullert Vicknair
Hon. Roberta Dohse
Harvey Ferguson Jr.
Paul W. Nye
Salinas, Jose B. And VIctoriaAppelleeLarry G. Hyden
Hon. William R. Edwards III
Hon. John Blaise Gsanger
Hon. J. Mitchell Clark
Trial Court Information
117th District Court
Honorable Robert Blackmon