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Case: B-6337
Application for Writ of Error
Appellate Briefs
Date Event TypeDescriptionRemarksDocument
09/28/1977Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
09/27/1977Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
09/26/1977Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
09/08/1977Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
09/02/1977Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
09/01/1977Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
08/11/1977Motion for RehearingPetitioner
04/01/1977Response to Amicus Curiae Brief filedRespondent
03/21/1977Amended motion for rehearingPetitioner
03/21/1977Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
03/14/1977Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
03/08/1977Motion for RehearingPetitioner
11/10/1976Reply to ResponsePetitioner
11/03/1976Response to PetitionRespondent
10/27/1976Supplement to Petition filedPetitioner
10/22/1976Application for Writ of Error - FiledPetitioner
Case Events
DateEvent TypeDispositionRemarksDocument
11/02/1977Opinion issued
09/28/1977Amicus Curiae Brief received
09/27/1977Amicus Curiae Brief received
09/26/1977Amicus Curiae Brief received
09/08/1977Amicus Curiae Brief received
09/02/1977Amicus Curiae Brief received
09/01/1977Amicus Curiae Brief received
08/31/1977Motion for leave to file brief
08/22/1977Response to Motion filed
08/11/1977Motion for RehearingOverruled
07/27/1977Opinion issued
04/01/1977Response to Amicus Curiae Brief filed
03/31/1977Response to Motion filed
03/30/1977Document received (See Remarks)
03/30/1977Document received (See Remarks)
03/21/1977Amended motion for rehearingFiling granted
03/21/1977Amicus Curiae Brief received
03/17/1977Response to Motion filed
03/14/1977Amicus Curiae Brief received
03/08/1977Motion for Rehearing
11/10/1976Reply to Response
11/03/1976Response to Petition
10/27/1976Supplement to Petition filed
10/22/1976Application for Writ of Error - FiledFiling granted
10/22/1976Document received (See Remarks)
Set DateCalendar TypeReason SetRemarks
No Calendar.
Hughes, Luce, Hennessy, Smith, and CastleAmicus Curiae
Consumer Credit Commissioner of TexasAmicus Curiae
Texas Savings and Loan LeagueAmicus Curiae
Charlie Thomas Courtesy Ford, Inc., et al.Amicus Curiae
Southwestern Investment CompanyPetitioner
Gene L. JamesonAmicus Curiae
Texas Automobile Dealers AssociationAmicus Curiae
Harry A. DeFord II and Frank Cathey IIIAmicus Curiae
Robert W. MannixRespondent
Donald N. GoldstonAmicus Curiae
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