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Texas 4th Court Of Appeals Record

Case: 04-81-00314-CV
North Star Dodge Sales, Inc.
Luna, Yolanda
West Publishing
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10/12/1984Original Exhibits Returned
10/12/1984Mandate Issued
10/12/1984Mandate Issued
10/10/1984Case Returned from Higher Court
09/19/1984Higher Court DecisionMotion or Writ Denied
08/08/1984Case Forwarded to Higher Court
07/23/1984Writ of Error filed
06/25/1984Motion for Rehearing DisposedMotion or Writ Denied
06/13/1984Motion for Rehearing Filed
06/07/1984Motion for Rehearing DisposedMotion or Writ Granted
05/31/1984Motion for Rehearing Filed
05/30/1984Opinion issuedAffirmed
05/30/1984Opinion issuedAffirmed
04/18/1984Appeal Reinstated
04/18/1984Case Returned from Higher Court
04/18/1984Case remanded from higher court
04/11/1984Motion for Rehearing DisposedMotion or Writ Denied
03/14/1984Higher Court DecisionAff/Rev & Remanded to App Ct
10/12/1983Higher Court DecisionMotion or Writ Granted
07/20/1983Case Forwarded to Higher Court
07/20/1983Writ of Error filed
07/15/1983Writ of Error filed
06/20/1983Motion for Rehearing DisposedMotion or Writ Denied
06/20/1983Motion for Rehearing DisposedMotion or Writ Denied
06/02/1983Motion for Rehearing Filed
06/01/1983Motion for Rehearing Filed
05/18/1983Opinion issuedAffirmed/Reversed & Rendered
05/18/1983Opinion issuedAffirmed/Reversed & Rendered
01/21/1983Motion to Withdraw Counsel DisposedMotion or Writ Granted
01/18/1983Motion to Withdraw Counsel Filed
12/16/1982Case ready to be set
12/16/1982Case ready to be set
03/30/1982No Description Available.Motion or Writ Granted
03/16/1982Requests Oral Argument
03/15/1982Requests Oral Argument
03/15/1982Response to Motion Filed
03/08/1982Brief Filed
03/04/1982No Description Available.
03/04/1982No Description Available.
03/04/1982No Description Available.
02/10/1982Brief Filed
12/30/1981Mot. EOT to file Brief DisposedMotion or Writ Granted
12/28/1981Response to Motion Filed
12/17/1981Mot. EOT to file Brief Filed
12/11/1981Exhibits Filed
12/11/1981No Description Available.
11/04/1981Mot. EOT to file Record DisposedMotion Granted in Part
10/12/1981No Description Available.
10/12/1981Created for Data Conversion -- an event inserted to correspond to the beginning of a process
10/05/1981Mot. EOT to file Record Filed
09/28/1981Appeal Bond Filed
07/02/1981Judgment Signed in Trial Court
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10/12/1984Case StoredCase stored
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Trial Court Information
150th Judicial District Court
Honorable Carol R. Haberman