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Texas 3rd Court Of Appeals Record

Case: 03-96-00621-CR
Sexual Assault
Harry Riley
The State of Texas
West Publishing
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10/28/1999Case stored
08/03/1998Mandate Acknowledgment
07/22/1998Mandate Issued
07/20/1998Case returned from higher court
06/24/1998Peition for Review disposed in Supreme CourtRefused
05/01/1998Case forwarded to higher court
04/28/1998Peition for Review disposed in Supreme Court
03/23/1998Motion ext time file Petition for Disc. ReviewMotion or Writ Granted
02/26/1998Opinion issuedDismissed for Want of Jurisdiction
10/29/1997Oral argument acknowledged
10/28/1997Oral argument acknowledged
08/06/1997Brief filed
08/06/1997Case ready to be set
07/03/1997Mo. for Ext. filed & disposed ofMotion or Writ Granted
06/30/1997Mot. for Ext. to File Brief
06/04/1997Brief filed
05/15/1997Mot. for Ext. File Brief Disp.Motion or Writ Granted
05/06/1997Mot. for Ext. to File Brief
04/11/1997Mo. for Ext. filed & disposed ofMotion or Writ Granted
04/04/1997Mot. for Ext. to File Brief
03/13/1997Mo. for Ext. filed & disposed ofMotion or Writ Granted
03/07/1997Mot. for Ext. to File Brief
02/06/1997Exhibits filed
02/06/1997Statement of Facts Filed
11/08/1996Ext. to file s/facts filed and disposedMotion or Writ Granted
11/07/1996Mot-Ext. to File Stat of Facts
11/07/1996Notice of Appeal Filed
11/07/1996Transcript Filed
11/07/1996Created for Data Conversion -- an event inserted to correspond to the beginning of a process
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07/22/1998Case StoredCase stored
State Prosecuting AttorneyInterested partyThe Honorable Matthew W. Paul
The State Of TexasCriminal - State of TexasMr. C. Bryan Case Jr.
The Honorable Ronald Earle
Riley, HarryAppellantMr. Erik S. Goodman
Mr. Ian Inglis
Trial Court Information
299th District Court
Honorable L. L. Fuller
15 1/2 yrs.