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Texas 11th Court Of Appeals Record

Case: 11-96-00358-CV
Miscellaneous civil
Lozano, Milton, d/b/a Lozano's Bail Bonds
State of Texas
West Publishing
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02/10/2005Case file was destroyed per retention schedule
12/31/1998Yearly opinion book
11/13/1998Mandate issued
08/26/1998Opinion issuedReversed and Remanded
03/04/1998Miscellaneous filing
10/23/1997Submission set in Eastland
08/21/1997Submission set in Eastland
05/29/1997Brief filed
05/29/1997Case ready to be set
05/08/1997Mot. - Ext. to file brief disposedMotion or Writ Granted
04/28/1997Mot. - Ext. to file brief
04/10/1997Mot. - Ext. to file brief disposedMotion or Writ Granted
03/31/1997Mot. - Ext. to file brief
03/13/1997Mot. - Ext. to file brief disposedMotion or Writ Granted
02/28/1997Mot. - Ext. to file brief
02/13/1997Miscellaneous motion disposedMotion or Writ Granted
02/13/1997Mot. - Ext. to file brief disposedWithdrawn, not acted on
02/03/1997Miscellaneous motion filed
01/28/1997Brief filed
01/23/1997Brief received
01/22/1997Mot. - Ext. to file brief
12/19/1996Mot. - Ext. to file brief disposedMotion or Writ Granted
12/16/1996Mot. - Ext. to file brief
11/20/1996Filing fee paid
11/18/1996SF filed
11/15/1996Filing fee not paid - possible dismissal
11/15/1996Supp. TR filed
11/15/1996TR filed
11/12/1996TR received
11/12/1996Created for Data Conversion -- an event inserted to correspond to the beginning of a process
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11/13/1998Case StoredCase stored
State Of TexasCriminal - State of TexasDana Cooley
Lozano, Milton D/b/a Lozano`sAppellantGeorge E. Gilkerson
Trial Court Information
132nd District Court
Honorable Ernie Armstrong, Judge