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United States Court Cases

Texas 5th Court Of Appeals

Case: 05-81-01242-CR
Aggravated Robbery
Steven Bernard Davis
The State of Texas
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Appellate Briefs
Date Event TypeDescriptionDocument
05/10/1982Brief filed - oral argument not requestedState
Case Events
DateEvent TypeDispositionDocument
12/08/2016Retention time case file will be retainedRetain
11/09/1984Mandate Issued
09/11/1984Opinion issuedAffirmed
07/11/1984Recall Mandate
07/09/1984Mandate Issued
07/06/1984Case Returned from Higher Ct.Motion or Writ Granted
06/27/1984Opinion issued
06/27/1984Motion for Rehearing DisposedOverruled
06/08/1984Motion for rehearing disposedMotion or Writ Denied
04/19/1984Motion for rehearing filed
07/25/1983Response filed
06/23/1983Petition for discretionary review filed
06/10/1983Letter filed
06/10/1983Letter filed
05/27/1983Petition for discretionary review disposed by Court of Criminal AppealsMotion or Writ Granted
03/24/1983Letter issued by the court
03/23/1983Petition for discretionary review filed
03/23/1983Case Forwarded to Higher CourtMotion or Writ Denied
03/07/1983Motion for Rehearing DisposedOverruled
02/07/1983Motion for Rehearing Filed
01/24/1983Opinion issuedReversed and Remanded
05/10/1982Brief filed - oral argument not requested
04/09/1982Mot. for Ext. File Brief Disp.Motion or Writ Granted
03/10/1982Brief Filed
03/02/1982Reporters record filed
03/02/1982Clerks record filed
03/01/1982Letter issued by the court
11/25/1981Notice of appeal filed in court of appeals
10/21/1981Notice of appeal filed in court of appeals
Set DateCalendar TypeReason Set
11/09/1984Case StoredPermanent retention required in criminal case
Davis, Steven BernardCriminal - Appellant
The State of TexasCriminal - State of Texas
Trial Court Information
Criminal District Court No. 3
Honorable Dallas Criminal District Court Judge, Criminal District Court No. 3
70 yrs tdc