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KM UPSTREAM, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company v. ELKHORN CONSTRUCTION, INC., a Wyoming corporation

Case Heading (S-11-0207)
Parent: S-11-0185 Case Docketed On:09/09/2011
Consolidated: S-11-0186 , S-11-0207, S-11-0208
Original Court:Ninth Judicial District Fremont CountyCase Type:Direct Appeal - Civil - Liens (Title 29)
Short Title:KM UPSTREAM, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company v. ELKHORN CONSTRUCTION, INC., a Wyoming corporation
Full Title:KM UPSTREAM, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, Appellant (Defendant), v. ELKHORN CONSTRUCTION, INC., a Wyoming corporation, Appellee (Plaintiff).

- Party Information
RoleParty NameAttorney(s)
AppellantKM Upstream, LLC, a Delaware limited liability companyRebecca H. Noecker
Drake D. Hill
Michael L. Beatty
AppelleeElkhorn Construction, Inc., a Wyoming corporationMark W Harris
Scott David Cessar
Audrey K. Kwak

- Case Decision Information
Issues:Civil Procedure, Liens
Opinion Number:2012 WY 79

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Docket Information
Filing DateDocument DescriptionDocket Entry TypeDocket Entry SubtypeStatus
09/09/2011Event - Docketed and indexedEventDocketed and indexedFinal
09/09/2011Notice-Incoming - Record completion notice from district courtNotice-IncomingRecord completion notice from district courtFinal
09/09/2011Fees - Docket fee receivedFeesDocket fee receivedFinal
09/09/2011Notice-Outgoing - Docketing letterNotice-OutgoingDocketing letterFinal
09/12/2011Motion - Consolidate - S-11-0207 with S-11-0185MotionConsolidateFinal
09/16/2011Event - Hardcopy received - Motion to consolidate appeal in Docket Nos. S-11-0185 & S-11-0207EventHardcopy receivedFinal
09/23/2011Response/Objection - MotionResponse/ObjectionMotionFinal
09/27/2011Order - Consolidating cases (and extending briefing)OrderConsolidating casesFinal
10/05/2011System - Status check - other - contacted counsel and requested original and copies of response to motion to consolidate. He will send, and will motion for admission pro hac vice of out of state counsel.SystemStatus check - otherFinal
10/07/2011Event - Hardcopy received - Response to Motion to Consolidate Appeals in Docket Nos. S-11-0185, S-11-0207.EventHardcopy receivedFinal
10/20/2011Motion - Admission pro hac vice (Michael L. Beatty for Appellant)MotionAdmission pro hac viceFinal
10/21/2011Event - Hardcopy received - Motion for admission of counsel pro hac vice; and received copy of proposed order.EventHardcopy receivedFinal
10/24/2011Order - Pro hac vice - allow - Michael L. Beatty for AppellantOrderPro hac vice - allowFinal
10/27/2011Brief - AppellantBriefAppellantFinal
10/28/2011Event - Hardcopy received - Brief of Appellant KM Upstream, LLCEventHardcopy receivedFinal
11/01/2011Notice-Incoming - Designation of recordNotice-IncomingDesignation of recordFinal
12/09/2011Brief - AppelleeBriefAppelleeFinal
12/12/2011Event - Hardcopy received - Appellee's Brief and Designation of Record on AppealEventHardcopy receivedFinal
12/19/2011Notice-Incoming - Designation of recordNotice-IncomingDesignation of recordFinal
12/27/2011Brief - Appellant replyBriefAppellant replyFinal
12/28/2011Event - Hardcopy received - Reply brief of appellant/defendant KM Upstream, LLCEventHardcopy receivedFinal
12/29/2011Notice-Outgoing - Request for transmitted record on appealNotice-OutgoingRequest for transmitted record on appealFinal
12/30/2011Event - Phone Call - Received phone call from Mr. Hill regarding our record request letter. He was notifying our office that motions are still pending before the trial court regarding missing portions of the record. If the motion is granted we can request the supplemental portions of the record.EventPhone CallFinal
01/05/2012Event - Phone Call - Received call from Clerk of District Court. Judge still has portions of the record requested. Record may be a few days late.EventPhone CallFinal
01/10/2012Rulings-Other Courts/Agencies - Order Denying Motion for an Order Including the Evidence Presented at the June 17, 2011 Hearing in the Record of This CaseRulings-Other Courts/AgenciesOtherFinal
01/11/2012Order - Oral argument scheduledOrderOral argument scheduledFinal
01/18/2012Record - Transmitted record on appeal from district court, two boxes, containing sixteen volumes. Volumes I-XV, Original Papers; Volume XVI, Transcripts.RecordTransmitted record on appealFinal
01/18/2012Notice-Outgoing - Transmitted record on appeal filedNotice-OutgoingTransmitted record on appeal filedFinal
01/18/2012Motion - Oral argument - vacateMotionOral argument - vacateFinal
01/19/2012Order - Denying Motion to Vacate Oral ArgumentOrderDenyFinal
01/19/2012Event - Hardcopy received - Appellant KM Upstream, LLC's Motion to Vacate Oral ArgumentEventHardcopy receivedFinal
01/23/2012Notice-Incoming - Receipt acknowledgment - oral argument setting from Scott David Cessar obo Elkhorn Const.Notice-IncomingReceipt acknowledgment - oral argument settingFinal
01/31/2012Notice-Incoming - Receipt acknowledgment - oral argument setting for Rebecca H. Noecker obo KM UpstreamNotice-IncomingReceipt acknowledgment - oral argument settingFinal
02/02/2012Motion - Supplement the recordMotionSupplement the recordFinal
02/06/2012Response/Objection - MotionResponse/ObjectionMotionFinal
02/06/2012Event - Hardcopy received Appellant KM Upstream, LLC's Motion for an Order Including the Evidence Presented at the June 17, 2011 Hearing in the Record of the Case and Notebook of ExhibitsEventHardcopy receivedFinal
02/08/2012Event - Hardcopy received - Elkhorn Construction, Inc.'s Opposition to KM Upstream, LLC's Motion for an Order Including the Notebook Handed out as June 17, 1011 Hearing into the Record of the CaseEventHardcopy receivedFinal
02/09/2012Order - Denying motion to include evidence in the recordOrderDenyFinal
02/15/2012Event - Oral argument presentedEventOral argument presentedFinal
02/15/2012Notice-Internal - Oral argument notice. Argued before full court (Rebecca Noecker and Drake Hill, argument by Ms. Noecker; Mark Harris and Scott Cessar, argument by Mr. Cessar) and taken under advisementNotice-InternalOral argument noticeFinal
06/06/2012Opinion - Opinion and journal order affirming in part, reversing in part, and remanding. Justice Voigt writing for the court.OpinionOpinion and journal orderFinal
06/21/2012Correspondence - Incoming from Newpoint Gas ServicesCorrespondenceIncomingFinal
06/22/2012Notice-Outgoing - MandateNotice-OutgoingMandateFinal
06/22/2012Record - Record returned to district courtRecordRecord returned to district courtFinal
06/22/2012Notice-Outgoing - Record return letterNotice-OutgoingRecord return letterFinal
06/22/2012Event - Case closedEventCase closedFinal
06/27/2012Service - Certified mail signature return cards (2). Record signed for 6/26/2012.ServiceCertified mail signature return cardFinal