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Texas 1st Court Of Appeals Record

Case: 01-94-00266-CR
Other Drug Possession
Munoz, Jose Alfredo
Texas, The State of
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03/08/2002Complete filed returned from atty general office
02/21/2002Complete record forwarded to atty general office
02/14/2001Mandate issued - criminal or civil
02/14/2001Mandate issued - criminal or civil
01/12/2001Case file returned from higher Court or agency.
01/10/2001Petition for discretionary review disposedRefused
10/02/2000Case file received by higher Court or agency.
09/27/2000Case file forwarded to higher Court or agency
09/27/2000Petition for discretionary review due
08/26/2000Petition for discretionary review due
08/24/2000Extension of time to file PDR disposed by Court of Criminal Appeals.Grant motion
08/21/2000Petition for Discretionary Review Filed
07/27/2000Motion was disposedMotion or Writ Denied (inactivated by Hebert 2-8-06)
06/05/2000Motion filed
04/17/2000Motion filed
01/03/2000Petition for discretionary review due
12/17/1999Motion for Rehearing Due
12/02/1999Opinion issuedAffirmed
12/02/1999Opinion issuedAffirmed
10/11/1999Oral argument has been waived
09/20/1999Brief filed-oral argument has been waived
09/20/1999Case ready to be set
09/20/1999Case ready to be set
09/19/1999Brief Due
09/02/1999Letter notifying party brief does not comply
08/21/1999Brief Due
08/20/1999Brief filed-oral argument has been waived
08/18/1999Supplemental Clerks Record Filed
07/22/1999Order enteredOtherwise disposed
05/08/1999Brief Due
04/23/1999Motion to extend time to file brief disposed.Grant motion
04/09/1999Reporter's record filed (statement of facts)
04/08/1999Motion to extend time to file brief filed.
03/31/1999Brief past due notice
01/30/1999Reporters Record Due (Statement of Facts)
01/04/1999No Court Reporter Record to be filed in this case.
12/18/1998Case reinstated
12/18/1998Order enteredReinstate case after abatement
12/18/1998Case reinstated
12/16/1998Supplemental Clerks Record Filed
01/17/1998Record due
12/18/1997Order enteredAbate case
12/18/1997Order enteredAbate case
02/27/1996Record on TRAP 74Order trial court hearing-no brief filed
01/22/1996Statement of facts filedOrder trial court hearing-no brief filed
01/11/1996Letter of inquiry received, usually from an inmate.
11/01/1995Order enteredOrder trial court hearing-no brief filed
09/29/1995Motion for leave to file
09/22/1995Past Due Notice No Statement of Facts
02/10/1995Statement of Facts Due
02/02/1995Statement of facts filedOrder trial court hearing-no brief filed
01/26/1995Order entered
12/16/1994Supplemental transcript filed
10/21/1994Order enteredOrder trial court hearing-no brief filed
07/22/1994Brief due for retained counsel
04/29/1994Transcript filed
03/14/1994Created for Data Conversion -- an event inserted to correspond to the beginning of a process
03/09/1994Notice of appeal filed
03/01/1994Date of Sentence in Criminal Case
Set DateCalendar TypeReason Set
02/14/2001Case StoredCase stored
JUDGE, TRIALTrial court judge
TEXAS, THE STATE OFCriminal - State of TexasRikke Burke Graber
John B. Holmes
Munoz, Jose AlfredoCriminal - AppellantMichael B. Charlton
REPORTER, COURTCourt reporter
Trial Court Information
184th District Court
30 yrs tdc & 100,000 fine