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BEVERLY GOODMAN, and the heirs and successors and assigns in the interest of RICHARD GOODMAN v. MARK AND LAURA VOSS

Case Heading (S-10-0058)
Case Number:S-10-0058Case Docketed On:03/15/2010
Linked To: S-10-0115
Original Court:Second Judicial District Albany CountyCase Type:Rule 12.09(b) Certification - Civil - Highways (Title 24)
Short Title:BEVERLY GOODMAN, and the heirs and successors and assigns in the interest of RICHARD GOODMAN v. MARK AND LAURA VOSS
Full Title:BEVERLY GOODMAN, and the heirs and successors and assigns in the interest of RICHARD GOODMAN, Appellants (Respondents), v. MARK AND LAURA VOSS, Appellees (Petitioners), and

- Party Information
RoleParty NameAttorney(s)
AppellantBeverly B. GoodmanGay Vanderpoel Woodhouse
Deborah Lynn Roden
AppellantRichard GoodmanGay Vanderpoel Woodhouse
Deborah Lynn Roden
AppelleeMark Towne Voss Pro Se
AppelleeLaura M. Voss Pro Se
Other Particpants
Interested ObserverPeter StevensDaniel Barry Frank
Interested ObserverKim StevensDaniel Barry Frank

- Case Decision Information
Issues:Administrative Law and Procedure, Roads
Opinion Number:2011 WY 33
Citation:248 P.3d 1120

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Docket Information
Filing DateDocument DescriptionDocket Entry TypeDocket Entry SubtypeStatus
03/15/2010Event - Docketed and indexedEventDocketed and indexedFinal
03/15/2010Fees - Docket fee receivedFeesDocket fee receivedFinal
03/15/2010Rulings-Other Courts/Agencies - Order of certification Rule 12.09(b)Rulings-Other Courts/AgenciesOrder of certification Rule 12.09(b)Final
03/26/2010Notice-Internal - Recusal memo - Justice Kite is recused from participation in this caseNotice-InternalRecusal memoFinal
03/30/2010Order - Rule 12.09(b) Certification - AcceptOrderRule 12.09(b) Certification - AcceptFinal
04/02/2010Motion - Extension of time - briefMotionExtension of time - briefFinal
04/12/2010System - Status check - other - contacted counsel for appellant's office and requested original and copies of motion for extension of time. Paralegal said he will take care of it.SystemStatus check - otherFinal
04/13/2010Notice-Incoming - Status report - otherNotice-IncomingStatus report - otherFinal
04/13/2010Event - Hardcopy received - Notice of Incomplete RecordEventHardcopy receivedFinal
04/13/2010Event - Hardcopy received - Motion for Continuance of Date for Appellants' Brief and Notice of Incomplete RecordEventHardcopy receivedFinal
04/13/2010Order - Grant - extension of timeOrderGrant - extension of timeFinal
04/22/2010Notice-Incoming - Amended indexNotice-IncomingAmended indexFinal
05/26/2010Motion - Dismiss - involuntaryMotionDismiss - involuntaryFinal
05/27/2010Event - Hardcopy received - Motion to dismiss appeal; and received proposed order.EventHardcopy receivedFinal
05/27/2010Brief - AppellantBriefAppellantFinal
05/27/2010Event - Hardcopy received - Brief of Appellant and Designation of RecordEventHardcopy receivedFinal
06/09/2010Response/Objection - Motion to DismissResponse/ObjectionOtherFinal
06/09/2010Event - Hardcopy received - Response in opposition to appellees' motion to dismiss appeal.EventHardcopy receivedFinal
06/22/2010Order - Denying Motion to Dismiss AppealOrderDenyFinal
06/30/2010Motion - Extension of time - briefMotionExtension of time - briefFinal
07/01/2010Motion - Stay - otherMotionStay - otherFinal
07/01/2010Event - Hardcopy received - Motion to extend time for appellees briefEventHardcopy receivedFinal
07/01/2010Event - Hardcopy received Motion for Stay of Enforcement of Agency Decision Pursuant to W.R.A.P. 12.05 and Request for Immediate Order on Motion for Stay of Enforcement of Agency Decision Pursuant to W.R.A.P. 12.05EventHardcopy receivedFinal
07/02/2010Order - Grant - extension of timeOrderGrant - extension of timeFinal
07/02/2010Response/Objection - OtherResponse/ObjectionOtherFinal
07/02/2010Event - Hardcopy received - Appellees objection to appellants' motion for stayEventHardcopy receivedFinal
07/02/2010Order - Denying motion for stayOrderDenyFinal
07/12/2010Motion - Extension of time - briefMotionExtension of time - briefFinal
07/14/2010Event - Hardcopy received - Motion to Extend Time for Appellees' BriefEventHardcopy receivedFinal
07/19/2010Response/Objection - ExtensionResponse/ObjectionExtensionFinal
07/19/2010Event - Hardcopy received - response to motion for extension of time to file brief.EventHardcopy receivedFinal
07/27/2010Order - Granting in part and denying in part Appellees motion for extension of timeOrderGrantFinal
09/30/2010Brief - AppelleeBriefAppelleeFinal
10/01/2010Event - Hardcopy received - Brief of AppelleeEventHardcopy receivedFinal
10/07/2010Notice-Incoming - Amended indexNotice-IncomingAmended indexFinal
10/11/2010Notice-Incoming - Other - Certificate of Record from the Clerk of the Albany County Commissioners regarding amended record.Notice-IncomingOtherFinal
10/14/2010Brief - Appellant replyBriefAppellant replyFinal
10/14/2010Event - Hardcopy received - Reply brief of appellant Beverly GoodmanEventHardcopy receivedFinal
10/22/2010Notice-Incoming - Designation of record by counsel for AppellantNotice-IncomingDesignation of recordFinal
10/26/2010Notice-Outgoing - Request for transmitted record on appeal from District Court ClerkNotice-OutgoingRequest for transmitted record on appealFinal
10/26/2010Notice-Incoming - Designation of record supplemental by counsel for AppelleesNotice-IncomingDesignation of recordFinal
10/26/2010Correspondence - Incoming from counsel for AppelleesCorrespondenceIncomingFinal
11/01/2010Notice-Incoming - Record transmittal notice from district courtNotice-IncomingRecord transmittal notice from district courtFinal
11/01/2010Record - Transmitted record on appeal from district court clerk, seven volumes. Volumes I-II, Original Papers; Volumes III-VI, Agency Records & Transcripts; Volume VII, Cassette Tapes & Transcripts; Volume VIII, Transcripts; Volume IX, Exhibits.RecordTransmitted record on appealFinal
11/08/2010Order - Oral argument scheduledOrderOral argument scheduledFinal
11/15/2010Order - Assignment of judge David B. Park to act in this matter and recusing Chief Justice KiteOrderAssignment of judge/justiceFinal
11/16/2010Notice-Incoming - Receipt acknowledgment - oral argument setting - Gay Woodhouse and Deborah Roden for Beverly Goodman.Notice-IncomingReceipt acknowledgment - oral argument settingFinal
11/18/2010Notice-Incoming - Receipt acknowledgment - oral argument setting - Mark T. Voss, pro se.Notice-IncomingReceipt acknowledgment - oral argument settingFinal
11/19/2010Order - Assignment of judge - Order rescinding assignment of Judge David B. Park and Order assigning Judge John R. Perry to act in this matter and recusing Chief Justice Kite.OrderAssignment of judge/justiceFinal
12/09/2010Event - Oral argument presented. Argued before Justices Golden, Hill, Voigt and Burke, and Perry, DJ (Gay V. Woodhouse for appellants Goodman; Mark T. Voss and Laura M. Voss, argument by Mr. Voss for appellees Voss; and Daniel B. Frank for appellees Stevens in Case No. S-10-0115) and taken under advisement.EventOral argument presentedFinal
12/09/2010Notice-Internal - Oral argument noticeNotice-InternalOral argument noticeFinal
02/25/2011Opinion - Opinion and journal order affirming in part and reversing in part, Justice Voigt writing for the Court, Justice Hill filed a dissenting opinion.OpinionOpinion and journal orderFinal
03/15/2011Notice-Outgoing - MandateNotice-OutgoingMandateFinal
03/15/2011Record - Record returned to district courtRecordRecord returned to district courtFinal
03/15/2011Notice-Outgoing - Record return letterNotice-OutgoingRecord return letterFinal
03/15/2011Event - Case closedEventCase closedFinal
04/05/2011Service - Other - Receipt of RecordServiceOtherFinal