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Case Heading (S-08-0190)
Case Number:S-08-0190Case Docketed On:08/28/2008
Linked To: S-08-0191
Original Court:Ninth Judicial District Fremont CountyCase Type:Direct Appeal - Criminal - Controlled Substances 35-7-1001 - 35-7-1060
Full Title:JASON EUGENE MILLER, Appellant (Defendant), v. THE STATE OF WYOMING, Appellee (Plaintiff).

- Party Information
RoleParty NameAttorney(s)
AppellantJason Eugene MillerMichael H. Reese
AppelleeThe State of WyomingBruce A. Salzburg
Terry L. Armitage
D. Michael Pauling
Eric Alan Johnson
Eric K. Thompson
Cortney Kitchen

- Case Decision Information
Issues:Criminal Law -Search and Seizure, Criminal Law -Speedy Trial
Opinion Number:2009 WY 125
Citation:217 P.3d 793

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Docket Information
Filing DateDocument DescriptionDocket Entry TypeDocket Entry SubtypeStatus
08/28/2008Event - Docketed and indexedEventDocketed and indexedFinal
08/28/2008Notice-Incoming - Record completion notice from district courtNotice-IncomingRecord completion notice from district courtFinal
08/28/2008Notice-Outgoing - Docketing letterNotice-OutgoingDocketing letterFinal
10/08/2008Motion - Withdrawal of counsel for appellantMotionWithdrawal of counselFinal
10/08/2008Notice-Incoming - Entry of appearance by Michael H. Reese to appear on behalf of appellantNotice-IncomingEntry of appearanceFinal
10/08/2008Order - Other - granting leave for counsel to withdrawOrderOtherFinal
10/08/2008Order - Granting withdrawal of counselOrderGranting withdrawal of counselFinal
10/08/2008Motion - ConsolidateMotionConsolidateFinal
10/08/2008Motion - Extension of time - briefMotionExtension of time - briefFinal
10/13/2008Event - Hardcopy received motion to consolidateEventHardcopy receivedFinal
10/13/2008Order - Consolidating casesOrderConsolidating casesFinal
10/13/2008Event - Hardcopy received motion for extension of time to file appellant's briefEventHardcopy receivedFinal
10/13/2008Order - Grant - extension of timeOrderGrant - extension of timeFinal
11/26/2008Motion - Extension of time - briefMotionExtension of time - briefFinal
11/26/2008Event - Hardcopy received Motion for Extension of TimeEventHardcopy receivedFinal
11/26/2008Order - Grant - extension of timeOrderGrant - extension of timeFinal
01/15/2009Brief - AppellantBriefAppellantFinal
01/15/2009Event - Hardcopy received Brief of AppellantEventHardcopy receivedFinal
01/15/2009Notice-Incoming - Designation of recordNotice-IncomingDesignation of recordFinal
03/02/2009Notice-Incoming - Consent and ApprovalNotice-IncomingConsent and ApprovalFinal
03/02/2009Brief - AppelleeBriefAppelleeFinal
03/03/2009Event - Hardcopy received Brief of Appellee, Consent and Approval and Designation of Record on AppealEventHardcopy receivedFinal
03/16/2009Order - Oral argument scheduledOrderOral argument scheduledFinal
03/19/2009Notice-Incoming - Receipt acknowledgment - oral argument setting - Eric Thompson and Cortney Kitchen, Students, on behalf of appellee.Notice-IncomingReceipt acknowledgment - oral argument settingFinal
03/23/2009Notice-Outgoing - Request for transmitted record on appeal from District Court ClerkNotice-OutgoingRequest for transmitted record on appealFinal
03/25/2009Notice-Incoming - Receipt acknowledgment - oral argument setting - Michael Reese for appellant.Notice-IncomingReceipt acknowledgment - oral argument settingFinal
03/27/2009Record - Transmitted record on appeal from District Court Clerk, five volumes, (Volume I, Original Papers; Volumes II - III, Transcripts; Volume IV, Trial Exhibits; Volume V, Confidential FileRecordTransmitted record on appealFinal
03/27/2009Notice-Outgoing - Transmitted record on appeal filedNotice-OutgoingTransmitted record on appeal filedFinal
04/16/2009Notice-Incoming - Additional authorityNotice-IncomingAdditional authorityFinal
04/16/2009Event - Hardcopy received - Notice of Additional AuthorityEventHardcopy receivedFinal
04/21/2009Event - Phone Call - received phone call from counsel for appellant indicating a family emergency would prevent oral argument. Advised will be vacated on court's own motion.EventPhone CallFinal
04/21/2009Order - Vacating oral argument and assigning to expedited docketOrderVacating oral argument and assigning to brief only docketFinal
10/13/2009Opinion - Opinion and journal order affirming, Justice Burke writing for the CourtOpinionOpinion and journal orderFinal
11/02/2009Notice-Outgoing - MandateNotice-OutgoingMandateFinal
11/02/2009Record - Record returned to district courtRecordRecord returned to district courtFinal
11/02/2009Notice-Outgoing - Record return letterNotice-OutgoingRecord return letterFinal
11/02/2009Event - Case closedEventCase closedFinal
11/06/2009Service - Certified mail signature return card - Record signed for 11/5/09.ServiceCertified mail signature return cardFinal