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Case Heading (S-08-0006)
Case Number:S-08-0006Case Docketed On:01/08/2008
Original Court:First Judicial District Laramie CountyCase Type:Direct Appeal - Civil - Domestic Relations (Title 20)
Full Title:MARCELLA TESTERMAN, Appellant (Defendant), v. GABRIEL LEE TESTERMAN, Appellee (Plaintiff).

- Party Information
RoleParty NameAttorney(s)
AppellantMarcella TestermanMary Elizabeth Galvan
AppelleeGabriel Lee TestermanRaymond D. Macchia

- Case Decision Information
Issues:Child Custody/Visitation
Opinion Number:2008 WY 112
Citation:193 P.3d 1141

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Docket Information
Filing DateDocument DescriptionDocket Entry TypeDocket Entry SubtypeStatus
01/08/2008Event - Docketed and indexedEventDocketed and indexedFinal
01/08/2008Notice-Incoming - Record completion notice from district courtNotice-IncomingRecord completion notice from district courtFinal
01/08/2008Fees - Docket fee receivedFeesDocket fee receivedFinal
01/08/2008Notice-Outgoing - Docketing letterNotice-OutgoingDocketing letterFinal
02/15/2008Brief - Appellant; received copy of designationBriefAppellantFinal
04/08/2008Brief - Failure to file - appelleeBriefFailure to file - appelleeFinal
04/09/2008Event - Phone Call - contacted counsel for appellee because senior staff attorney was unsure of his representation. Mr. Macchia indicated that he is counsel for appellee. Informed him that he missed the brief deadline, and that if he intended to file one he would need to motion the court for permission to file late. He indicated he will do that.EventPhone CallFinal
04/09/2008Motion - Accept late filing - brief of appellee. Received proposed order and original plus six copies of brief (unfiled).MotionAccept late filingFinal
04/22/2008Order - Granting motion to file late brief.OrderGrantFinal
04/22/2008Brief - AppelleeBriefAppelleeFinal
04/22/2008Notice-Internal - Expedite recommendationNotice-InternalBrief only recommendationFinal
05/08/2008Order - Assigning to expedited docketOrderAssigning to brief only docketFinal
05/12/2008Notice-Outgoing - Request for transmitted record on appealNotice-OutgoingRequest for transmitted record on appealFinal
05/19/2008Record - Transmitted record on appeal from district court, two volumes. Volume I, original papers; Volume II, transcripts.RecordTransmitted record on appealFinal
05/19/2008Notice-Outgoing - Transmitted record on appeal filedNotice-OutgoingTransmitted record on appeal filedFinal
09/25/2008Opinion - Opinion and journal order affirming in part and reversing in part, Justice Burke writing for the CourtOpinionOpinion and journal orderFinal
10/13/2008Notice-Outgoing - MandateNotice-OutgoingMandateFinal
10/13/2008Record - Record returned to district courtRecordRecord returned to district courtFinal
10/13/2008Notice-Outgoing - Record return letterNotice-OutgoingRecord return letterFinal
10/13/2008Event - Case closedEventCase closedFinal
10/15/2008Service - Certified mail signature return card. Record signed for 10/14/08.ServiceCertified mail signature return cardFinal