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Case Information: 32179
Short Caption:TAYLOR (DARRIS) VS. STATECourt:Supreme Court
Related Case(s): 45911 , 71921 , 72800 , 72800-COA , 78071 , 78071-COA
Lower Court Case(s):Clark Co. - Eighth Judicial District - C134371Classification:Criminal Appeal - Life - Direct
Disqualifications:Case Status:Remittitur Issued/Case Closed
Replacement:Panel Assigned: Panel
To SP/Judge:SP Status:
Oral Argument:Oral Argument Location:
Submission Date:01/10/2003How Submitted:On Briefs

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Docket Entries
04/20/1998Filing Fee Filing Fee Waived. Criminal.
04/20/1998Notice of Appeal DocumentsFiled Certified Copy of Notice of Appeal. Appeal docketed in the Supreme Court this day. (Docketing statement mailed to counsel for appellant.)
04/21/1998Notice/OutgoingIssued Notice. To File Case Appeal Statement. Due date: 10 days.
04/30/1998Transcript RequestFiled Request for Transcript of Proceedings. Court Reporter: Cathy Nelson.
04/30/1998Other Other. Filed Case Appeal Statement.
06/26/1998Order/ProceduralFiled Case Processing Order. Appellant shall have 10 days from the date of this order to file the docketing statement or show cause why sanctions should not be imposed against appellant's counsel.
01/19/1999Letter/IncomingReceived Letter. From attorney Lizzie R. Hatcher. Necessary pleadings in these matters will be filed by January 20, 1999. Nos. 30287, 30762, 30779, 30885, 32179.
02/01/1999MotionFiled Motion. To Extend Time to File Appellant's Appendix and Opening Brief (mailed on: 1/29/98).
02/01/1999Docketing StatementReceived Docketing Statement. (Mailed on: 1/29/99).
03/04/1999TranscriptFiled Transcript. Recorder's Transcript re: Jury Trial, dated: January 12, 13, 14, and 15, 1998 and January 14, 1998. Court Recorder: Cathy Nelson. Certified copies. Mailed on: 3/2/99.
03/12/1999Order/Clerk'sFiled Clerk's Order. Appellant's February 1, 1999, motion is granted in part and denied in part as moot. The clerk shall forthtwith file the docketing statement, submitted provisionally with the motion. Appellant shall, within 10 days from the date of this order, serve and file the opening brief and appendix. Thereafter, briefing shall proceed in accordance with NRAP 31(a)(1).
03/12/1999Docketing StatementFiled Docketing Statement.
09/30/1999Order/ProceduralFiled Case Processing Order. Appellant's failure to adhere to the deadlines for filing documents in this matter and to respond to this court's orders warrants the imposition of a monetary sanction. Attorney Hatcher shall, within 15 days from the date of this order, personally pay the sum of $250 to the Clark County Law Library and separately provide this court with proof of payment of the sanction. Appellant shall, within 10 days from the date fo this order, file the opening brief and appendix. Thereafter, briefing shall proceed inaccordance with NRAP 31(a)(1). Failure to comply with this order in a timely manner may result in the imposition of additional sanctions, including the referral of this matter to the State Bar of Nevada for investigation. (Order mailed to attorney Hatcher by regular and certified mail.)
03/14/2002Order/ProceduralFiled Order. Order Removing Counsel of Record, Referring Counsel to the State Bar of Nevada, and Remanding Appeal for the Limited Purpose of Appointing New Counsel. Since the issuance of this court's order of (September 9, 1999,) **September 30, 1999, Ms. Hatcher has not communicated with this court in any way with regard to the instant appeal. We conclude that Ms. Hatcher's evident neglect of her obligations to this court and to her client require her removal as counsel of record in this matter. We remand this appeal to the district court for the appointment of replacement counsel for appellant. The district court shall have 30 days from the date of this order to appoint new counsel to represent appellant. Within 10 days of appointment the district court's appointment of new counsel, the clerk of the district court shall file with the clerk of this court either a copy of the written order of appointment of new counsel, or of the minute order reflecting the date of appointment and the individual attorney appointed. The clerk of the district court shall also serve a copy of the instant order of this court on the attorney appointed and provide proof of such service to the clerk of this court. Newly appointed counsel shall enter an appearance with the clerk of this court within 10 days of the date of appointment and shall have 90 days from the date of appointment to file the opening brief and appendix. Briefing shall proceed in accordance with NRAP 31. The clerk of this court shall transmit a copy of this order to Bar Counsel for State Bar of Nevada. Bar Counsel shall initiate an investigation and such disciplinary proceedings as may be warranted under the circumstances, and shall provide this court with a status report of those proceedings within 90 days of the date of this order. fn1[Bar counsel may wish to note that this court has not received proof of payment of sanctions imposed against Ms. Hatcher for her conduct in prosecuting a number of other criminal appeals, including: Docket Nos. 33981 and 34103-consolidated; 35225; 30762 and 30779-consolidated; 30287 and 30885-consolidated. This court's orders in the above-entitled cases all expressly directed Ms. Hatcher to pay the sanctions by a time certain and to provide proof of payment of the sanction to this court.] 02-04677
04/08/2002Notice/IncomingFiled Notice of Appointment of Counsel. Certified copy of notice from Clark County Clerk filed in district court on April 4, 2002, enclosing a copy of minute order. Alzora B. Jackson appointed as counsel for appellant. (NOTE: The Clark County clerk sent us the notice filed on 4/8/02 in error. The confirmation of counsel attached to the notice was filed on April 2, 1998, and is therefore of no effect. Pursuant to this court's order of remand entered March 14, 2002, Judge Douglas is still required to appoint counsel within 30 days and has not done so yet. When new counsel is appointed, the clerk will send us notification. AH ckatty1 4/10/02) 02-06218
04/15/2002Letter/IncomingFiled Letter. from Clark County Clerk's Office apologizing for the incorrect notice of appointment of counsel they transmitted. 02-06703
05/10/2002Order/IncomingFiled District Court Order. Filed certified copy of order filed in district court on May 3, 2002 appointing Lori C. Teicher as counsel for appellant. 02-08212
05/13/2002Notice/IncomingFiled Notice of Appearance. Representing appellant: Lori C. Teicher of the Law Firm of Robert L. Langford & Associates. 02-08368
05/24/2002Order/ProceduralFiled Order. Correcting Clerical Errors. On March 14, 2002, this court entered an order, which among other things, removed attorney Lizzie R. Hatcher as counsel of record in this appeal and referred Hatcher to the State Bar of Nevada. This court's order of March 14, 2001, mistakenly referred to a prior order of this court of September 9, 1999; the correct date of the order referenced was actually September 30, 1999. This court previously directed attorney Hatcher to file the opening brief and appendix in this matter on or before October 10, 1999, and to provide this court with proof of payment of a $250 sanction on or before October 15, 1999. This court's order of March 14, 2002, misstated the dates relating to these events as well. By way of the entry of this order, this court hereby corrects these clerical errors appearing in this court's prior order of March 14, 2002. 02-09212
06/13/2002Notice/IncomingFiled Status Report. Status Report from State Bar of Nevada re attorney Lizzie R. Hatcher. NOTE: This original document was placed in attorney Hatcher's bar file. No copy was placed in the correspondence file for this case.
07/18/2002Transcript RequestFiled Request for Transcript of Proceedings. Transcripts requested: 3/19/98 To Court Reporter: Cathy Nelson. 02-12329
07/31/2002TranscriptFiled Transcript. Proceedings: March 19, 1998. Court Reporter: Cathy Nelson. 02-13155
08/02/2002BriefFiled Opening Brief. Mailed on: 07/31/02. 02-13269
08/02/2002AppendixFiled Appendix to Opening Brief. 02-13270
08/02/2002MotionFiled Motion. Appellant's Motion to Transport Original Exhibits. 02-13297
09/03/2002BriefFiled Answering Brief. Mailed on: Express-No postmark. 02-15146
09/30/2002BriefFiled Reply Brief. Mailed on: 09/27/02. 02-16823
11/13/2002Order/ProceduralFiled Order Granting Motion. filed August 2, 2002. The clerk of the district court shall, within 30 days from the date of this order, certify and transmit the original exhibits, State's Exhibit 1-Color photograph mounted on foam core measuring 11" x 14" and State's Exhibit 2-Color photograph mounted on foam core measuring 11" x 14", filed in District Court Case Number C134371. 02-19526
01/10/2003Order/ProceduralFiled Order/Submit on Briefs. Cause appearing, oral argument will not be scheduled and this appeal shall stand submitted for decision to the Southern Nevada Panel as of the date of this order on the briefs filed herein. 03-00523
01/10/2003Case Status Update Submitted for Decision. To the Southern Nevada Panel. SNP03-MS/ML/NB
02/04/2003Order/DispositionalFiled Order of Affirmance. "ORDER the judgment of the district court AFFIRMED." SNP03-MS/ML/NB 03-01860
03/04/2003RemittiturIssued Remittitur. Returned Exhibits: State's Exhibit 1- color photograph mounted on foam core 11" X 14" and State's Exhibit 2- color photograph mounted on foam core 11" X 14" this day. 03-02060
03/04/2003Case Status Update Remittitur Issued/Case Closed.
03/17/2003RemittiturFiled Remittitur. Received by County Clerk on March 10, 2003. 03-02060