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Case: A-5858
Application for Writ of Error
Appellate Briefs
Date Event TypeDescriptionRemarksDocument
04/24/1959Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
04/24/1959Response to Brief filedRespondent
04/21/1959Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
04/10/1959Response to Brief filedPetitioner
03/21/1959Supplemental Brief filedRespondent
02/11/1959Response to Brief filedPetitioner
01/03/1959Supplemental Brief filedPetitioner
12/23/1958Motion for RehearingRespondent
12/20/1958Motion for RehearingPetitioner
12/08/1958Reply to ResponsePetitioner
11/25/1958Reply to ResponseRespondent
11/18/1958Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
11/12/1958Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
11/08/1958Reply to ResponseAmicus Curiae
11/03/1958Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
10/10/1958Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
10/06/1958Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
09/29/1958Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
09/26/1958Response to Brief filedPetitioner
09/17/1958Brief in Support of PetitionAmicus Curiae
09/16/1958Appendix FiledRespondent
09/16/1958Brief in Support of PetitionRespondent
09/15/1958Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
09/02/1958Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
07/31/1958Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
07/11/1958Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
07/02/1958Motion for RehearingRespondent
07/01/1958Motion for RehearingPetitioner
06/04/1958Supplemental Brief filedRespondent
09/26/1957Response to Reply filedPetitioner
09/19/1957Response to Amicus Curiae Brief filedAmicus Curiae
09/12/1957Response to Amicus Curiae Brief filedPetitioner
08/29/1957Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
07/03/1957Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
06/13/1957Response to Brief filedRespondent
06/06/1957Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
05/25/1957Supplemental Brief filedPetitioner
05/09/1957Post submission brief filedRespondent
04/22/1957Brief on the MeritsPetitioner
03/15/1957Response to Brief filedRespondent
03/04/1957Supplemental Brief filedAmicus Curiae
02/28/1957Reply to ResponsePetitioner
02/08/1957Response to Amicus Curiae Brief filedRespondent
01/04/1957Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
12/27/1956Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
12/24/1956Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
12/13/1956Brief in Support of PetitionPetitioner
11/23/1956Motion for RehearingPetitioner
10/06/1956Amicus Curiae Brief receivedAmicus Curiae
06/12/1956Response to PetitionRespondent
05/15/1956Application for Writ of Error - FiledPetitioner
Case Events
DateEvent TypeDispositionRemarksDocument
05/19/1959Order from Lower Court filed
05/06/1959Dissenting opinion issued.
04/24/1959Amicus Curiae Brief received
04/24/1959Response to Brief filed
04/21/1959Amicus Curiae Brief received
04/10/1959Response to Brief filed
03/21/1959Supplemental Brief filed
02/11/1959Response to Brief filed
01/03/1959Supplemental Brief filed
12/23/1958Motion for Rehearing
12/20/1958Motion to Argue filed
12/20/1958Motion for Rehearing
12/10/1958Opinion issued on motion for rehearing
12/10/1958New majority opinion substituted for prior opinion
12/08/1958Reply to Response
12/03/1958Letter Filed
11/25/1958Reply to Response
11/18/1958Amicus Curiae Brief received
11/12/1958Amicus Curiae Brief received
11/08/1958Reply to Response
11/03/1958Amicus Curiae Brief received
10/10/1958Amicus Curiae Brief received
10/06/1958Amicus Curiae Brief received
09/29/1958Amicus Curiae Brief received
09/26/1958Response to Brief filed
09/17/1958Brief in Support of Petition
09/16/1958Appendix Filed
09/16/1958Brief in Support of Petition
09/15/1958Amicus Curiae Brief received
09/02/1958Amicus Curiae Brief received
07/31/1958Amicus Curiae Brief received
07/14/1958Motion for leave to file briefFiling granted
07/11/1958Amicus Curiae Brief received
07/02/1958Miscellaneous MotionFiling granted
07/02/1958Motion for RehearingOverruled
07/01/1958Motion for RehearingOverruled
06/18/1958Opinion issued
06/04/1958Supplemental Brief filed
09/26/1957Response to Reply filed
09/19/1957Response to Amicus Curiae Brief filed
09/12/1957Response to Amicus Curiae Brief filed
08/29/1957Amicus Curiae Brief received
07/03/1957Amicus Curiae Brief received
06/13/1957Response to Brief filed
06/06/1957Amicus Curiae Brief received
05/25/1957Supplemental Brief filed
05/09/1957Post submission brief filed
04/22/1957Brief on the Merits
03/15/1957Response to Brief filed
03/04/1957Supplemental Brief filed
02/28/1957Reply to Response
02/08/1957Response to Amicus Curiae Brief filed
01/04/1957Amicus Curiae Brief received
12/27/1956Amicus Curiae Brief received
12/24/1956Amicus Curiae Brief received
12/13/1956Brief in Support of Petition
11/23/1956Motion for RehearingFiling granted
10/06/1956Amicus Curiae Brief received
06/12/1956Response to Petition
05/16/1956Document received (See Remarks)
05/15/1956Application for Writ of Error - Filed
05/15/1956Document received (See Remarks)
05/15/1956Letter Filed
Set DateCalendar TypeReason SetRemarks
No Calendar.
San Patricio County Amicus Curiae
Alex Pope, Jr.Amicus Curiae
Texas Ornithological SocietyAmicus Curiae
J. W. Luttes, et alPetitioner
Jacob S. Floyd and Allen V. DavisAmicus Curiae
Commissioners Court of Matagorda CountyAmicus Curiae
Arthur A. Klein, et al.Amicus Curiae
County Commissioners Court of Galveston County, TexasAmicus Curiae
J. P. BryanAmicus Curiae
Humble Oil and Refining CompanyAmicus Curiae
Commissioners Court of Wharton County, TexasAmicus Curiae
Charles B. Wallace, et al.Amicus Curiae
Texas State AFL-CIOAmicus Curiae
Fountain, Cox, Gaines and FoxAmicus Curiae
King RanchAmicus Curiae
Shell Oil CompanyPetitioner
Howard G. HartzogAmicus Curiae
Nelson Jones, et al.Amicus Curiae
James A. Baker, III, et al.Amicus Curiae
State of TexasRespondent
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