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Case Information: 49478
Short Caption:CHAPPELL (JAMES) VS. STATE (DEATH PENALTY)Court:Supreme Court
Related Case(s): 29884 , 43493 , 61967 , 77002
Lower Court Case(s):Clark Co. - Eighth Judicial District - C131341Classification:Criminal Appeal - Death Penalty - Direct
Disqualifications:DouglasCase Status:Remittitur Issued/Case Closed
Replacement:Panel Assigned: En Banc
To SP/Judge:SP Status:
Oral Argument:07/06/2009 at 10:30 AMOral Argument Location:Carson City
Submission Date:07/06/2009How Submitted:After Oral Argument

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Docket Entries
05/18/2007Filing Fee Filing Fee Waived.
05/18/2007Notice of Appeal DocumentsFiled Documents from District Court Clerk. Certified copies of d.c. docket entries, Judgment of Conviction, d.c. minutes and exhibit list. 07-11104
05/18/2007Notice/OutgoingIssued Notice of Justice Disqualification. Justice A. William Maupin and Justice Michael L. Douglas sat in district court proceedings. 07-11105
05/25/2007Record on Appeal DocumentsFiled Record on Appeal Copy. Vols. 1 through 18. 07-11647
06/13/2007Notice of Appeal DocumentsFiled Certified Copy of Notice of Appeal. (w/case appeal statement.) 07-12978
06/15/2007MotionFiled Motion to Extend Time. 07-13147
06/25/2007Order/ProceduralFiled Order Granting Motion. for Extension of Time to File Transcripts: due: July 29, 2007. 07-13869
07/18/2007TranscriptFiled Notice from Court Reporter. Sharon Howard stating that the requested transcripts were delivered. 07-15637
07/24/2007MotionFiled Motion. Motion to Supplement the Record on Appeal. 07-16184
07/31/2007Order/ProceduralFiled Order Granting Motion. District Court Clerk: Supplemental Record due 10 days. 07-16756
08/07/2007MotionFiled Motion to Extend Time. 07-17364
08/09/2007TranscriptFiled Transcript. Proceedings: 3/8/07; 3/12/07; 3/13/07 & 5/10/07. Court Reporter: Sharon Howard. (submitted by Clark County Clerk) 07-17628
08/15/2007Order/ProceduralFiled Order Extending Time. Time for filing the Opening Brief extended to October 3, 2007. 07-17969
09/21/2007Record on Appeal DocumentsFiled Record on Appeal Copy. Vol. 19. 07-20916
10/05/2007MotionFiled Motion to Extend Time. 07-22019
10/11/2007Order/ProceduralFiled Order Granting Motion. Appellant's opening brief due: 90 days. 07-22456
01/09/2008MotionFiled Motion to Extend Time. 08-00580
01/17/2008Order/ProceduralFiled Order Granting Motion. for Extension of Time. Appellant: 90 days to file the opening brief. 08-01410
04/21/2008MotionFiled Motion to Extend Time. Opening Brief. 08-09920
04/25/2008Order/ProceduralFiled Order Extending Time. Appellant shall have until May 19, 2008, to file and serve the opening brief and appendix. We note that appellant has now been granted a total extension of 270 days to file the opening brief. Accordingly, no further extensions of time shall be permitted absent demonstration of extraordinary circumstances and extreme need. 08-10338
05/22/2008MotionFiled Motion for Excess Pages. Leave to File Eighty Page Appellant's Opening Brief. 08-12893
06/09/2008Order/ProceduralFiled Order Granting Motion. The clerk shall file the 80 page opening brief received on May 22, 2008. Answering brief due: 60 days.[Copies have been distributed per the ccs listed on the order.] 08-14499
06/09/2008BriefFiled Opening Brief. 08-12894
08/12/2008MotionFiled Motion for Excess Pages. Motion for Leave to File 45 Page Answering Brief. 08-20842
08/12/2008BriefReceived Answering Brief. 08-20843
08/22/2008Order/ProceduralFiled Order Granting Motion. for excess pages. The clerk shall file the 45-page answering brief received on 8/12/08. Reply brief due: 45 days. 08-21760
08/22/2008BriefFiled Answering Brief. 08-20843
10/10/2008MotionFiled Motion for Excess Pages. Motion for Leave to File Forty Page Appelant's Reply Brief. 08-26156
10/10/2008BriefReceived Reply Brief. (FILED PER ORDER 10/23/08). 08-26157
10/23/2008Order/ProceduralFiled Order. Granting Motion. The clerk shall file the 40 page reply brief received on October 10, 2008. 08-27223
10/23/2008BriefFiled Reply Brief. 08-26157
05/21/2009Notice/OutgoingIssued Notice Scheduling Oral Argument. Oral Argument is scheduled for 30 minutes on July 6, 2009 at 10:30 a.m. EN BANC 09-12692
06/22/2009Notice/OutgoingIssued Oral Argument Reminder Notice. 09-15517
07/06/2009Case Status Update Submitted for Decision. Before the En Banc Court.
10/20/2009Order/DispositionalFiled Order of Affirmance. "ORDER the judgment of conviction AFFIRMED." EN BANC-JH/RP/MC/MG/NS/KP fn7[The Honorable Michael L. Douglas, Justice, voluntarily recused himself from participation in the decision of this matter.] 09-25578
10/28/2009Post-Judgment PetitionFiled Petition for Rehearing. 09-26519
11/04/2009Letter/IncomingReceived Proper Person Letter. (RETURNED UNFILED PER ORDER 12/16/09).
12/16/2009Post-Judgment OrderFiled Order/Rehearing Denied. and Amending Order. Although we deny rehearing, Chappell justifiably complains of an error in the order of affirmance, and we therefore amend the order of affirmance to remove the challenged passage. We direct the clerk of this court to strike the following language from page 18, lines 4-9, of the order of affirmance. fn1[We decline to consider Chappell's proper person documents and direct the clerk of this court to return them, unfiled, to Chappell.] 09-30575
12/17/2009MotionFiled Motion for Stay. Motion to Stay Remittitur. 09-30669
12/18/2009Order/ProceduralFiled Order Granting Motion. Granting Stay of Remittitur. If the clerk of this court receives written notice by March 2, 2010, from the clerk of the United States Supreme Court that appellant has filed a petition for a writ of certiorari, the stay shall continue in effect until final disposition of the certiorari proceedings. If such notice is not received by March 2, 2010, the remittitur shall issue on March 3, 2010. 09-30725
03/01/2010Notice/IncomingFiled Notice. Notice of Filing of Petition for a Writ of Certiorari. 10-05352
03/11/2010Notice/IncomingFiled Notice from U.S. Supreme Court\Certiorari Denied. A petition for a writ of certiorari was filed 2/24/10 and placed on the docket as Case No. 09-9418. 10-06468
05/11/2010Notice/IncomingFiled Notice from U.S. Supreme Court\Certiorari Granted. The petition for a writ of ceritorari is denied. 10-12197
06/08/2010RemittiturIssued Remittitur. 10-14569
06/08/2010Case Status Update Remittitur Issued/Case Closed.
06/15/2010RemittiturFiled Remittitur. Received by District Court Clerk on June 11, 2010. 10-14569