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District Of Columbia Court Of Appeals Record


Case Information: 10-BG-0878
Short Caption:IN RE: RAUL F. CORDOVAClassification:Bar Governance - Bar - Disciplinary Original
Superior Court or Agency Case Number:BDN279-09Filed Date:07/19/2010

Opening Event Date:07/19/2010Case Status:Closed
Record Completed:Post-Decision Matter Pending:
Briefs Completed:
Disposition:Next Scheduled Action:
Mandate Issued:

Party Information
Appellate RoleParty NameIFPAttorney(s)Arguing AttorneyE-Filer
PetitionerBar CounselN
William R. RossNY
Wallace E. Shipp NN
PetitionerBoard on Professional ResponsibilityN
Charles J. WilloughbyNN
RespondentRaul F. Cordova NPro SeN

Event DateStatusDescriptionResult
07/19/2010DISCIPLINARY LETTER from the Office of Bar Counsel with a certified copy of an order of criminal judgment regarding respondent, who is an active member of the District of Columbia Bar. Respondent pled guilty to driving while intoxicated (First Offense) in the Circuit Court of Fairfax County, VA.
08/09/2010ORDER On consideration of the certified copy of respondent's guilty plea to driving while intoxicated (first offense), it is hereby ORDERED pursuant to D.C. Bar Rule XI, Sec 10 (e) that Bar Counsel shall investigate the matter and proceed as appropriate under D.C. Bar Rule XI, Sec 8, and it is FURTHER ORDERED that Bar Counsel shall inform the Court if the matter is resolved without the necessity of further court action. (ETW)
12/08/2010LETTER from the Office of Bar Counsel advising the court that this matter has been resolved without the necessity of further court action.
12/13/2010DISMISSED On consideration of the letter from the Office of Bar Counsel dated December 8, 2010, advising the court that Bar Counsel has disposed of this mater pursuant to D.C. Bar R. XI, Sec 6 (a)(3), it is ORDERED that this matter is hereby closed. (ETW)