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Case Heading (S-14-0281)
Case Number:S-14-0281Case Docketed On:11/21/2014
Original Court:Ninth Judicial District Sublette CountyCase Type:Direct Appeal - Civil - Insurance Code (Title 26)
Full Title:HOLLI LUNDAHL, Appellant (Plaintiff), v. KIMBALL LUNDAHL, Appellee (Defendant).

- Party Information
RoleParty NameAttorney(s)
AppellantHolli Telford aka Lundahl Pro Se
AppelleeKimball Lundahl Pro Se

- Case Decision Information
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Docket Information
Filing DateDocument DescriptionDocket Entry TypeDocket Entry SubtypeStatus
11/21/2014Event - Docketed and indexedEventDocketed and indexedFinal
11/21/2014Notice-Incoming - Record completion notice from district courtNotice-IncomingRecord completion notice from district courtFinal
11/21/2014Fees - Docket fee receivedFeesDocket fee receivedFinal
11/21/2014Notice-Outgoing - Docketing letterNotice-OutgoingDocketing letterFinal
12/29/2014Event - Phone Call from Ms. Lundahl (Telford). She has not received the docketing letter. Informed her of the due date, verified her address and mailed her a copy of the docketing letter.EventPhone CallFinal
01/06/2015Motion - Extension of time - briefMotionExtension of time - briefFinal
01/06/2015Correspondence - Outgoing to Ms. Lundahl returning her Amended Notice of Appeal that should be filed in the trial court.CorrespondenceOutgoingFinal
01/06/2015Order - Denying Appellant's Request for Extension to file BriefOrderDenyFinal
01/07/2015Event - Phone Call with Ms. Lundahl who requested the Court's fax # so she could file an emergency Motion for Reconsideration. Ms. Lundahl was directed to review Rule 1.07. (no more than 10 pgs, original w/6 copies due w/in 24 hrs.) She was also reminded that her brief is still due.EventPhone CallFinal
01/07/2015Event - Phone Call from Ms. Lundahl she would like to file a motion based on Rule 16(b) instead of filing her brief since she is unable to reference her prior order.EventPhone CallFinal
01/07/2015Motion - Faxed Reconsideration of Order Refusing to Extend Time to File Opening Brief, or in the Alternative, Remand the Matter Back to the Trial Court Until the District Court has Included the Consent Final Judgment into the Record on AppealMotionReconsiderationFinal
01/08/2015Event - Hardcopy received - Motion to Reconsider Order Refusing to Extend Time to File Opening Brief, or in the Alternative, Remand the Matter Back to the Trial Court until the District Court has Included the Consent Final Judgment into the Record on Appeal.EventHardcopy receivedFinal
01/08/2015Brief - Appellant - Appellant's Opening BriefBriefAppellantFinal
01/09/2015Correspondence - Incoming from District Court Clerk re filing Amended Notice of AppealCorrespondenceIncomingFinal
02/03/2015Order - Dismiss - jurisdictionOrderDismiss - jurisdictionFinal
02/19/2015Event - Case closedEventCase closedFinal
03/03/2015Correspondence - Outgoing to Kimball Lundahl returning his Appellee's Response Briefs unfiled because the case was dismissed on February 3, 2015 and closed on February 19, 2015.CorrespondenceOutgoingFinal
03/04/2015Event - Phone Call from Ms. Lundahl re order dismissing appeal, just received order dismissing appeal yesterday, claims neither she nor appellee received order. Requested Clerk electronically serve her with all orders; told her that would be a decision for the Justices to make.EventPhone CallFinal
03/04/2015Event - Phone Call from Ms. Lundahl, advised that she would be filing a petition to recall the mandate.EventPhone CallFinal
05/11/2015Correspondence - Outgoing returning Petitioner's Joint Petition to Recall the Mandate; Vacate the Dismissal Order and Execute the Confession Judgment Attached to the Opening Brief; as all Actions of the Court Violated Petitioners 14th Amendment Rights Under the Consititution. (Sent to address on Appellant's mailing label.)CorrespondenceOutgoingFinal
12/07/2015Notice-Incoming - U.S. Supreme Court notice of filingNotice-IncomingU.S. Supreme CourtFinal
03/03/2016Notice-Incoming - U.S. Supreme Court - Denying her in forma pauperis motion and setting deadline for payment and submitting a petition in compliance with Rule 33.1Notice-IncomingU.S. Supreme CourtFinal
05/16/2016Notice-Incoming - U.S. Supreme Court Appellant failed to pay docket fee or submit petition in compliance with Court Rules; case now closedNotice-IncomingU.S. Supreme CourtFinal