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Case Information: 32506
Short Caption:MULDER (MICHAEL) VS. STATE (DEATH PENALTY)Court:Supreme Court
Related Case(s): 46800 , 69490
Lower Court Case(s):Clark Co. - Eighth Judicial District - C138790Classification:Criminal Appeal - Death Penalty - Direct
Disqualifications:Case Status:Remittitur Issued/Case Closed
Replacement:Panel Assigned: En Banc
To SP/Judge:SP Status:
Oral Argument:09/17/1999 at 9:00 AMOral Argument Location:Carson City
Submission Date:11/24/1999How Submitted:

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Docket Entries
06/11/1998Filing Fee Filing Fee Waived. Criminal.
06/11/1998Record on Appeal DocumentsFiled Record on Appeal. Vols. 1 through 7 (copies). (Docketing statement mailed to counsel for appellant.)
06/19/1998Other Other. Filed Case Appeal Statement. (per AH)
06/19/1998Transcript RequestFiled Request for Transcript of Proceedings. (Already contained in Record on Appeal per AH.)
06/22/1998Notice of Appeal DocumentsFiled Certified Copy of Notice of Appeal.
07/09/1998Docketing StatementFiled Docketing Statement.
08/20/1998MotionFiled Motion. To Enlarge time in which to file Appellant's Opening Brief.
09/22/1998Order/ProceduralFiled Case Processing Order. Appellant shall have to and including October 5, 1998, to file the opening brief. Thereafter briefing shall proceed in accordance with SCR 250 (IV)(G). We do not expect further requests or extensions of this briefing schedule absent extreme and unforeseeable circumstances. 1[The clerk shall schedule this matter for oral argument at the conclusion of briefing.]
10/05/1998MotionFiled Motion. Appellant's Motion to Enlarge Time in Which to File Opening Brief.
11/05/1998MotionFiled Motion. Appellant's Motion to Enlarge time in which to file Opening Brief.
02/16/1999Order/ProceduralFiled Case Processing Order. Appellant shall, within 30 days of the date of this order, file and serve the opening brief. We caution appellant's counsel, that requests and extensions of time not based on extreme and unforeseeable circumstances in this direct capital appeal may result in the imposition of sanctions on counsel. 1[Appellant's second motion for an extension of time filed on October 5, 1998, is denied as moot.]
03/18/1999MotionFiled Motion. For Leave to File Forty-Four Page Opening Brief.
03/18/1999BriefReceived Brief. Appellant's Opening Brief (mailed on: express mail).
04/02/1999Order/ProceduralFiled Case Processing Order. We grant appellant's motion to file a 44 page opening brief. The clerk shall, forthwith, file the opening brief provisionally submitted on March 18, 1999. Respondent shall, within 60 days of the date of this order, file and serve the answering brief. Appellant shall, within 45 days of service of the answering brief, file and serve any reply brief.
04/02/1999BriefFiled Brief. Appellant's Opening Brief.
04/13/1999Notice/OutgoingIssued Notice. Oral Argument is scheduled for June 14, 1999 at the hour of 2:00 p.m.-1hour in Carson City. (En Banc panel).
05/07/1999Order/Clerk'sFiled Clerk's Order. It appearing that briefing will not be completed prior to the oral argument currently scheduled in this appeal for June 14, 1999, the argument is hereby vacated. Oral argument shall be rescheduled in this appeal for the court's next available en banc calendar.
05/20/1999MotionFiled Motion. Appellant's Motion to File Amended Opening Brief and for a Thirty Day Extension of Time for the Office of the District Attorney to File Respondent's Answering Brief.
05/20/1999MotionFiled Motion. For Leave to File Forty-Five Page Amended Appellant's Opening Brief.
05/20/1999BriefReceived Brief. Amended Appellant's Opening Brief (mailed on: express).
05/25/1999Order/ProceduralFiled Case Processing Order. Appellant has moved this court for leave to file a forty-five page amended opening brief. We grant the motion. The clerk shall file the amended brief that was submitted provisionally with this motion. The state shall have to and including July 1, 1999, to file and serve the answering brief. Appellant shall file and serve the reply brief, if any, on or before August 16, 1999.
05/25/1999BriefFiled Brief. Amended Appellant's Opening Brief.
06/15/1999BriefFiled Brief. Respondent's Answering Brief. (Mailed on: Express-No postmark).
07/16/1999Notice/OutgoingIssued Notice. Oral Argument is scheduled for September 17, 1999 at the hour of 9:00 a.m.-1hour in Carson City. (En Banc panel).
08/03/1999BriefFiled Brief. Appellant's Reply Brief. (Mailed on: Express-No postmark).
08/30/1999Notice/OutgoingIssued Notice. Oral argument reminder notice.
09/17/1999Other Other. Oral Argument: Submitted. En Banc.
11/24/1999Case Status Update Submitted for Decision.
01/18/2000Opinion/DispositionalFiled Dispositional Opinion. "Affirmed." Before the Court En Banc. Per Curiam. 116 Nev. Adv. Opn. 1. En Banc-RR/CY/WM/MS/DA/ML/NB (Copy of Opinion mailed to the Federal Public Defender).
02/07/2000Post-Judgment PetitionFiled Petition for Rehearing.
03/01/2000Order/ProceduralFiled Case Processing Order. Denying Rehearing. "Rehearing denied." (Copy of the Order Denying Rehearing mailed to the Federal Public Defender). En Banc
03/09/2000MotionFiled Motion. For Stay of Remittitur Pending Application for Certiorari.
06/07/2000Letter/IncomingReceived Letter. From Supreme Court of the United States. A petition for Writ of Certiorari was filed May 30, 2000 and placed on the docket June 1, 2000 as no. 99-9766.
06/16/2000Order/ProceduralFiled Case Processing Order. Granting Motion. We hereby stay issuance of the remittitur in this matter until final disposition of the certiorari proceedings in the United States Supreme Court. (Copy of this order mailed to the Federal Public Defender in Las Vegas).
10/11/2000Notice/IncomingFiled Notice from U.S. Supreme Court\Certiorari Granted. The petition for a writ of ceritorari is denied. 00-17986
10/17/2000Order/ProceduralFiled Order. On October 11, 2000, the clerk of this court received notice that the Supreme Court of the United States denied appellant's petition on October 2, 2000. We direct the clerk of this court to issue the remittitur in this matter, forthwith. 00-18393
10/17/2000RemittiturIssued Remittitur. 00-18419
10/17/2000Case Status Update Remittitur Issued/Case Closed.
11/29/2000RemittiturFiled Remittitur. Received by County Clerk on October 19, 2000. 00-18419