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Case Information: 11-CV-0428
Short Caption:ROLANDA MOORE V. PEARLINE MOOREClassification:Appeals - Civil - Other Civil
Superior Court or Agency Case Number:CAB7483-10Filed Date:04/01/2011

Opening Event Date:04/01/2011Case Status:Decided/Dismissed
Record Completed:06/10/2011Post-Decision Matter Pending:
Briefs Completed:
Disposition:Next Scheduled Action:
Mandate Issued:09/23/2011
Costs Waived

Party Information
Appellate RoleParty NameIFPAttorney(s)Arguing AttorneyE-Filer
AppellantRolanda Moore YPro SeN
AppelleePearline Moore NPro SeN

Event DateStatusDescriptionResult
04/19/2011 On consideration of the notice of appeal filed in this case on April 1, 2011, and it appearing that appellant was granted in forma pauperis status in the trial court, and it further appearing that transcript may be needed for this appeal, it is ORDERED that appellant shall within 10 calendar days from the date of this order, file with the Court Reporting Division a motion for preparation of transcripts of proceedings in the Superior Court, with notice to appellee(s), for determination in accordance with Hancock v. Mutual of Omaha Ins. Co., 472 A.2d 867 (D.C. 1984). See D.C. App. R. 10(b)(5)(A). The Court Reporting Division will submit the motion to the appropriate judge for a decision as to whether transcripts will be provided at no cost. It is FURTHER ORDERED that appellant shall simultaneously submit a file-stamped copy of that motion with this court. It is FURTHER ORDERED that appellant's failure to respond to any order of this court, including this order, shall subject this appeal to dismissal without further notice for lack of prosecution. See D.C. App. R. 13(a). (JAC) elp
04/29/2011RECEIVED Motion for Appeal Transcript filed by Appellant in Superior Court (RT-NEEDED/RT-REQUESTED for 10/14/10, 1/14/11, 3/7/11 & 3/4/11) (elp)
06/07/2011SUPPLEMENTAL RECORD#1 (16-pgs/tape 10/14/10 proc.)
06/07/2011SUPPLEMENTAL RECORD #2 (9-ps/tape 1/14/11 proc.)
06/07/2011SUPPLEMENTAL RECORD#3 (11-pgs/tape 3/4/11 proc.)
06/07/2011SUPPLEMENTAL RECORD #4 (84-pgs/johnson 3/7/11 proc)w/cd
06/10/2011RECORD INDEX
06/16/2011 It appearing that the complete record on appeal has been filed with this court, it is ORDERED that appellant's brief and the limited appendix including the documents required by D.C. App. R. 30 (f), shall be filed within 40 days from the date of this order, and appellee's brief shall be filed within 30 days thereafter. See D.C. App. R. 31. (JAC) elp
07/28/2011FiledOrder directing appellant to file the brief and the limited appendix, accompanied by a motion for leave within 20 days
08/26/2011FiledOrder Sua Sponte Dismissing Appeal for appellant's failure to submit the brief and the limited appendix