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Case Information: 11-CV-0440
Short Caption:MICHAEL WEBER V. GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP, ET ALClassification:Appeals - Civil - Other Civil
Lead: 11-CV-0125 Consolidated:11-CV-0440
Superior Court or Agency Case Number:CAB9043-10Filed Date:02/11/2011

Opening Event Date:02/11/2011Case Status:Decided/Dismissed
Record Completed:04/20/2011Post-Decision Matter Pending:
Briefs Completed:06/20/2011
Disposition:Next Scheduled Action:
Mandate Issued:10/29/2013

Party Information
Appellate RoleParty NameIFPAttorney(s)Arguing AttorneyE-Filer
AppellantMichael Weber N
Jeffrey L. LightYY
AppelleeGoldman Sachs GroupN
William D. NussbaumNY
AppelleeMichael Paese N
William D. NussbaumNY

Event DateStatusDescriptionResult
04/20/2011 On consideration of the notice of appeal filed in appeal no. 11-CV-440 on February 4, 2011, and it appearing that appellant was granted cost-waived status in the trial court, and it further appearing that the complete record on appeal has already been filed in appeal no. 11-CV-125, and that appellant Adam Ortberg's brief and the appendix were filed with this court on April 6, 2011, it is ORDERED, sua sponte, that appeals nos. 11-CV-125 and 11-CV-440 are consolidated for all purposes herein. It is FURTHER ORDERED that in appeal no. 11-CV-440, appellant's brief shall be filed within 40 days from the date of this order, and appellees' consolidated brief shall be filed within 30 days thereafter. See D.C. App. R. 31. (JAC) elp
05/10/2011APPELLANT'S BRIEF - (11-CV-440) elp (Micheal Weber) appendix attached to brief
05/10/2011APPENDIX - (11-CV-440) elp
06/06/2011RECORD INDEX 11CV125 & 11-CV-440
06/06/2011RECORD COPIES 11CV125 & 11-CV-440
06/14/2011RECEIVED - Appellee's Brief, Appendix and 4 bundles of Exhibits on CDs (1A thru 1L) (submitted w/o Motion for Leave to File Out of Time - attorney notified by phone)
06/15/2011APPELLEE'S MOTION TO EXTEND TIME TO FILE BRIEF for five days (no oppo)
06/20/2011 On consideration of appellees' consent motion for an extension of time to file the brief, and the lodged brief, and appendix including the compact disc exhibits, it is ORDERED that the motion is granted and the lodged brief of appellee and the appendix including the compact disc exhibits are filed. It is (MORE)
06/20/2011MISCELLANEOUS - (Compact disc exhibits to appellee's appendix) *FOUR BUNDLES OF WHITE CD'S (EXHIBIT 1A) in BLACK CASES
06/20/2011 FURTHER ORDERED that these appeals shall be scheduled for consideration before a merits division as soon as the calendar permits. (JAC) elp
06/27/2011APPELLANT'S MOTION TO STRIKE the Brief and Appendix of Appellees
07/08/2011APPELLEE'S OPPOSITION- to aplt's motion to strike
07/12/2011FiledReply Brief (Appellants Ortberg and Weber)
09/07/2011FiledOrder Granting APPELANT'S MOTION TO STRIKE TO THE EXTENT...
09/23/2011FiledACTION - Ready for Calendaring
10/26/2011FiledMotion To Dismiss Appeal (Appellant)Denied as Moot
11/07/2011FiledOpposition to Motion to Dismiss Appeal. (Appellee Goldman Sachs Group, Appellee Paese)
11/10/2011FiledTMC/APPELLANT'S MOTION TO DISMISS/OPPO/motion to file (lodged) reply
11/21/2011FiledMotion For Leave to File Reply in Support of their Motion to Dismiss Appeal as Moot. Opposition/Reply/Answer (Appellant)
12/21/2011FiledOrder Denying appellant' motion to dismiss as moot. (FINKTE)
12/21/2011FiledOrder Granting Motion For Leave to file reply to motion to dismiss (FINKTE)
12/21/2011FiledReply in Support of Motion to Dismiss Appeal as Moot. (Appellant)
01/03/2012FiledMotion to participate in oral argument (Amicus Curiae American Civil Liberties Union of the Nation, Amicus Curiae National Lawyers Guild, D.C. Chapter)Granted
08/09/2012FiledACTION - Ready for Calendaring - Regular
08/14/2012FiledLetter To Counsel/Party Re Future Calendaring
08/15/2012FiledOrder Sua Sponte holding amicus curiae motion to participate in oral argument in abeyance and referred to the merits panel upon assignement
08/27/2012FiledACTION - Calendar notice sent
09/05/2012FiledReceived ORDER dated 8/15/12, mailed to attorney Arthur B. Spitzer, Esquire at 1400 20th Street, NW. Suite 119, Washington, DC 20036, and returned by U.S.P.S. as "undeliverable" and remailed to the latest address of record to American Civil Liberties Union of the Nation's Capital, 4301 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 434, Washington, DC 2008 this date (Amicus Curiae American Civil Liberties Union of the Nation)
09/06/2012FiledOrder Granting amicus curiae to participate in oral argument.
09/12/2012FiledMotion To Postpone/Continue Argument (Appellee Goldman Sachs Group)Denied
09/13/2012FiledChange Of Address Received From (Amicus Curiae American Civil Liberties Union of the Nation)
09/14/2012FiledOrdered on behalf of the merits division assigned to consider this matter that appellee's emergency motion to reschedule oral argument is denied.
09/14/2012LodgedOpposition to appellee's emergency motion to reschedule oral argument (Appellant)
10/03/2012FiledArgued before Judges Blackburne-Rigsby, McLeese, Reid Jeffrey L. Light, Esq. for appellant Arthur B. Spitzer, Esq. for amicus curiae Christopher T. Handman, Esq. for appellee
04/11/2013FiledReversed And Remanded (OPINION) (Blackburne-Rigsby and McLees, Associate Judges, and Reid, Senior Judge.)
04/19/2013FiledMotion to reassign judge on remand (Appellant)Denied
04/19/2013FiledMotion For Costs And/Or Attorney Fees (Appellant)Denied Without Prejudice
04/25/2013FiledPetition For Rehearing En Banc (Appellee Goldman Sachs Group)(Michael Paese)Denied
04/30/2013FiledOpposition to motion to reassign judge on remand (Appellee Goldman Sachs Group, Appellee Paese)
04/30/2013FiledOrder Denying aplts' motion to re-assign a new judge.
05/07/2013FiledOrdered that appellant, within 14 days from the date of this order, shall file a response (ten copies) thereto.
05/21/2013FiledResponse to Appellee's Petition for Rehearing En Banc (Appellant)
10/18/2013FiledOrder Denying appellee's petition for rehearing en banc
10/22/2013FiledMotion For Costs And/Or Attorney Fees (Appellant)Granted
10/29/2013FiledMandate (11-CV-125)
10/29/2013FiledMandate (11-CV-440)