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Texas 1st Court Of Appeals Record

Case: 01-94-00315-CV
Miscellaneous/other civil
Waddell, Hazel D.
Henry L. Waddell, Sr. (Waddell's Lithographing, Inc.)
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09/26/1995Mandate issued
08/26/1995No petition for review or writ of error was filed
08/26/1995Writ Due
08/03/1995Motion for rehearing disposedOverruled
07/28/1995Motion for rehearing filed
07/27/1995Motion for rehearing disposedOverruled
07/20/1995Motion for rehearing filed
07/06/1995Opinion issuedAffirmed
07/06/1995Opinion issuedAffirmed
06/26/1995Order entered
02/23/1995Motion for oral argumentGrant motion
02/07/1995Motion for oral argument
12/22/1994Brief filed-oral argument has been requested
12/22/1994Case ready to be set
12/22/1994Case ready to be set
11/28/1994Brief filed-oral argument has been requested
10/28/1994Statement of facts filed
09/15/1994Motion to extend time to file state of facts dispGrant motion
08/26/1994Motion to extend time to file statement of facts
08/26/1994No description available.
06/30/1994Motion to extend time to file state of facts dispGrant motion
06/20/1994Motion to extend time to file statement of facts
06/20/1994No description available.
06/20/1994Supplemental transcript filed
05/26/1994Motion for leave to fileMotion or Writ Denied (inactivated by Hebert 2-8-06)
05/04/1994Motion for leave to file
04/28/1994Motion for leave to fileGrant motion
04/28/1994Motion strans disposedGrant motion
04/11/1994No description available.
03/31/1994Filing Fee in the amount of $50 paid-trans filed
03/31/1994Motion for leave to file
03/31/1994Statement of facts filed
03/31/1994Transcript filed
03/31/1994Created for Data Conversion -- an event inserted to correspond to the beginning of a process
02/11/1994Appeal bond filed
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09/26/1995Case StoredCase stored
WADDELL, HAZEL D.AppellantNorris Dennard
HENRY L. WADDELL, SR., (WADDELLAppelleeKenneth T. Fibich
S. Tanner Garth
Michael J. Zomcik
Trial Court Information
247th District Court