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Texas 3rd Court Of Appeals Record

Case: 03-97-00027-CV
Todd W. Altschul
Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles; Texas Department of Criminal Justice; TDCJ Inmate Trust Fund Division; TDCJ Internal Affair Division; and Texas Attorney General
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08/27/2004Case file was destroyed per retention schedule
11/17/1998CASE STORED
02/07/1997Motion for leave to file writ of mandamus disposedOverruled
01/16/1997Motion for leave to file writ of mandamus, etc. fi
01/16/1997Created for Data Conversion -- an event inserted to correspond to the beginning of a process
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02/07/1997Case StoredCase stored
Texas Department Of Criminal JRespondentThe Honorable Dan Morales
Texas Board Of Pardons And ParRespondentThe Honorable Dan Morales
Tdcj, Internal Affairs DivisioRespondentThe Honorable Dan Morales
Altschul, Todd W.RelatorMr. Todd W. Altschul
Tdcj, Inmate Trust Fund DivisiRespondentThe Honorable Dan Morales
Texas Attorney GeneralAppelleeThe Honorable Dan Morales
Trial Court Information
Honorable Orlinda Naranjo